Villa Rosa - Villa Oleandro

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Villa Rosa is a modern sea, commercial and touristic locality that respects a lot the nature.

The warm clime and the landscape beauty made it one of the most preferred place of tourists.

During the day, it is possible to choose between lots of sport and amusing activities. At the night you can have fun giving space to your imagination because there are lots of things to do.

The wide sandy gold beaches are very organized with beach umbrellas and chairs. There is a lot of space for every kind of activities but they are also quiet and perfect for a family holiday.

The promenade by the sea is surrounded by the green of the vegetation and it gives you the possibility to have long walks in serenity.

Between the prestige buildings we point out Villa Flaiani, built in 1860 and the so called "Casette Flaiani" built at the begging of XX century. They are very modern and at the moment they are being restructured.

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